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Web Design

Instructor: Sherry Ponds

What is the Web Design Academy?


The Web Design Services Academy provides students with a rigorous and relevant technical program of study that is a vital link between education and the business community and promotes excellence for entering and competing in a global workforce.  Web Design is a subject that is relevant to students because the Internet and World Wide Web are ingrained in most high school students’ daily lives.



1. Digital Information Technology

2. Foundations of Web Design

3. User Interface Design

4. Web Scripting Fundamentals

*Note:  Students earn honors credits for courses 2-4


Industry Certification available to students

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

MOS 2013

InDesign CC 2015

Illustrator CC 2015

Future Business Leaders of America

FBLA offers many opportunities for students to acquire the following skills:

  • Develop competent, aggressive business leadership skills
  • Strengthen confidence in them-selves and their work
  • Create more interest in and understanding of American business enterprise
  • Establish occupational goals
  • Compete against other students at regional, state, and national levels