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Research Projects

Team Osprey

Research project: Living Shoreline


Captain: Kelsey Bolling

Caitlyn Cameron

Harrison Garcia

Kelly Cameron


We are in charge of the 7th year of living shoreline. We are propagating shoreline grasses and we will plant them at various sites in the spring. The purpose of this project is to strengthen our shorelines by  preventing erosion, promoting nutrient uptake and providing a home for juvenile species.  


Team Glaucus Atlanticus

Research project: Aquaponics


Captain: Makayla Quibodeaux

Piper Dunn

Andrew Manley

Dawson Tate

Jackson Travis



We are taking over Aquaponics this year. The goal for our aquaponics project is to see if there is a better nutritional value and growing rate of the plants we grow using fish waste instead of regular soil. We will be planting strawberries, kale, and mint leaves.




Team Shark Fin

Research project: Lionfish


Captain: Lindsey Wilbur

Emma Wilmoth

Micah Eckard

Matthew Quadrini

Hayden Lett


Shark Fin's research project is Lionfish, Lionfish are native to coral reefs in the tropical waters of the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. We are going to investigate the the gut contents and research what we find! 


Team Wave

Research project: Microplatics 


Captain: Collin Andrew

Leah King

Tobi White

Logan Haymon


We are taking over microplastics this year. The main goal of this project is to limit that amount of microplastics that are in our waterways. Our main goal is to eliminate a reasonable amount of microplastics on the shore at 12th Ave Bridge.