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Scholarship List

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More scholarships! *updated weekly*

Unless otherwise noted, the scholarships shared below are not endorsed by ECSD. We are simply making seniors and their families aware of scholarship opportunities available to students.  The items below is for information purposes only, and it is up to each individual student to decide whether or not to choose to apply.

1. There is a new state scholarship for seniors who are direct descendents of victims of the Ocoee Election Day Riots of November, 1920. Seniors who believe they may be eligible will need to contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) by phone at 888-827-2004 or email at OSFA@fldoe.orgThe deadline to contact OSFA for award consideration is August 31, 2021.


2. The Junior League of Pensacola is excited to recruit the 3rd annual *Spark Board*, selecting high school junior and senior female leaders in our community to serve a one-year term (September 2021 – May 2022). The Spark Board provides a foundation of volunteerism and offers the opportunity for Spark Board members to gain an understanding of the impact JULEP has on the Pensacola community, with the opportunity to apply for a $1,000 JULEP Scholarship. As a member of the Spark Board, young women will learn what it takes to become a leader in our community and work directly with Junior League of Pensacola members and today’s community leaders. Through this training, Spark Board members will learn leadership skills, professionalism, self-esteem, organizing for effective community impact, as well as many other valuable skills. Please share with any incoming Escambia or Santa Rosa County incoming High School Junior and Senior women! The application period is open through August 31, 2021. To apply, please visit: #sparksomething #jlpensacola